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The next episode of Becoming a Jedi is now live and covers code cleanup. Specifically I look at quick fixes, context actions, safe delete, and reformat code. You can find it here: Streaming: Becoming a Jedi – Part 2: Code Cleanup (requires Silverlight 1.0 or higher)* Download: Becoming a Jedi – Part 2: Code Cleanup […]

…a ReSharper Jedi, that is. I am making no claims about my own ReSharper Jedi abilities. JP and Oren are known ReSharper Jedi Masters. I feel more like Luke Skywalker when he first landed on Dagobah in comparison. Back to the point of this post… Many developers don’t see the value of JetBrains’ ReSharper until […]

This morning I was getting ready to record a screencast about ReSharper 4 EAP. To make it easier for people to follow along, I launched Roy Osherove’s excellent utility, Keyboard Jedi. Rather than the expected result, this friendly dialog box greeted me: Living La Vida x64 My main development machine is running Vista x64. I’ve […]

As promised, Microsoft has made the source for the .NET Framework available for debugging purposes. You’ll need to be running Visual Studio 2008 and install this QFE (aka patch). Full instructions for how to enable .NET Framework source debugging can be found on Shawn Burke’s blog here. You can also read Scott Guthrie’s announcement here. […]

To be honest, I usually ignore the Toolbox column in MSDN Magazine. Usually it features various vendors’ offerings around .NET. The December 2007 issue is typical in that it features .netLIVEHELP ($395), Instant C#/VB ($179), and UltraMon ($39.95). November 2007 featured Spread for Windows Forms ($899), Peter’s Date Package ($90), and WinMerge (free). Previous issues […]

Thanks to everyone who attended my Ignite Your Coding webcast. I enjoyed sharing a small sampling of the wealth of tools available for the Windows and .NET developer. For those of you who missed the webcast (or would like to watch it again), it’s available on-demand here. Below you will find a list of links […]

MSDN Canada is presenting a weekly webcast series called Ignite Your Coding starting Tuesday, November 6, 2007. I will be presenting the second webcast in the series on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 from : Frameworks and Tools for the Windows Developer Numerous frameworks and tools exist to help developers be more productive when building applications on […]

Here are the code samples from some recent presentations… Alberta Architect Forum 2007 – Creating Flexible Software Austin .NET User Group – The NHibernate Mafia and the Persistent Ignorant Domain Model Edmonton Code Camp 2007 – Building Applications Using ALT.NET Thanks to everyone for attending the sessions, asking questions, and providing feedback.

The Virtual PC download of Visual Studio 2008 “Orcas” has been great. No install. No chance of corrupting your current Visual Studio 2005 install. It just works and allows you to play with the early bits in a virtual environment. That’s one of the things that virtualized environments excel at. The Virtual PC images were […]

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding VstsUnit for ReSharper 3.0. I’ve got good news and bad news. First the bad news… I’ve been working on it off and on, though it’s offering some significant challenges. The object model is completely different and tests are executed in a dedicated test runner that ReSharper spins […]