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One of my fellow plumbers, John Bristowe – techno-wonk extraordinaire – has started up a new podcast where he interviews developers from across the Great White North. He’s shipping them in bite-sized pieces that are about 15 minutes long. The first three interviews feature: Rob Chartier on Code Camps Me on 64-Bit Development (WARNING: I […]

Actually you can get virtualization completely free these days. From VMWare, we have VMWare Player, which is based on VMWare Workstation, and VMWare Server, which is based on VMWare GSX Server. Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 is now free. Microsoft is even supporting Linux with Virtual Server, including virtual machine additions […]

I double-checked that this wasn’t released on April 1st, but Apple will be supporting a dual-boot configuration for Intel-based Macs that let’s you chose between Mac OSX and Windows XP SP2. The code name is Boot Camp and it’s currently in public beta. You need to own your own copy of Windows, but Boot Camp […]

John, Bil, and I are tending bar and the Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters are on the house. You can grab one here. The episode will hit MSDN Canada Community Radio in the near future. Show Notes Introduction News Bytes: IronPython v1.0 Beta 4 The 73+ Languages in .NET News Bytes: Windows Workflow Foundation (WinWF) v2.2 […]