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During my geekSpeak screencast last week, one of the attendees asked: Any recommendations for refactoring existing code to insert interfaces? (e.g., what’s the best dependency to break first, the database?) Excellent question! Most of us do not have the luxury of working on greenfield projects, but instead work on brownfield projects – existing applications that […]

Today at lunch* I’ll be joining Glen Gordon and Lynn Langit on geekSpeak to talk about Taming Your Software Dependencies. Specifically I’ll be talking about moving from tightly-coupled to loosely-coupled architectures using dependency inversion, dependency injection, and inversion of control containers. geekSpeak is an interactive LiveMeeting driven by audience questions with no PowerPoint and lots […]

My latest article just hit the web in the March 2008 issue of MSDN Magazine. Loosen Up: Tame Your Software Dependencies for More Flexible Apps takes you on a journey from a highly-coupled architecture, which we’re all familiar with, to gradually more loosely-coupled ones. First stop is the problems inherent in highly-coupled applications. To start […]

DISCLAIMER: For the agilists reading this post, there is nothing new here. I just hear a lot of misconceptions around terms like YAGNI and wanted to provide my own take on things. YAGNI is an acronym for “you ain’t gonna need it”. You often hear it bandied about agile shops. One developer suggests an over-architected […]

The Plumbers are back for another half-hour of mayhem. Get it here. Heroes Happen {Here} Launch ( DevTeach Toronto May 12-16 ( Discussing Hanselminutes #103 Quetzal Bradley on Testing after Unit Tests ( Release It! by Michael Nygard ( Bil 0 IE 8 ( John {Hearts} Polymorphic Podcast ( MSDN Mag article – Loosen Up: […]