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I’ve been playing with SQL Server 2005 and like what I see so far. It’s especially nice for developers as everything now resides in VS 2005, whether you know it or not. (SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio and SQL Server Management Studio are really just the VS 2005 shell hosting the appropriate widgets.) One […]

Last week, I presented another talk on acquiring your MCAD/MCSD for the Calgary .NET User Group. This time around I covered ASP.NET in Tips & Tricks for 70-305/70-315: Developing Web Applications. Thanks to everyone who attended. You can grab the slidedeck from here.

Good news from Charlie Poole and the NUnit team… NUnit is Ready to Rock. NUnit Iteration Relase 2.2.3 is out and is compatible with .NET 2.0 and VS 2005! You no longer have to download latest and compile it yourself to run with .NET 2.0. Go check out the release notes for what they’ve added […]

When I’m writing blog entries that need a pic, writing user docs, or entering bugs, all I really want is a screenshot of a particular window. I then busily find myself trying all combinations of ???-PrtSc trying to figure out which combination gives me the active window rather than the entire desktop. I’ve been using […]

Now that VS 2005 and .NET 2.0 has been released, the torrential flow of tool updates to .NET 2.0 has started. Some of my favourite .NET tools have been updated to .NET 2.0: .NET Reflector by Lutz Roeder GhostDoc by Roland Weigelt I’m anxiously awaiting the next version TestDriven.NET, too. A beta of v2.0 is available […]

I’m going to be one of the Cabana Experts at the MSDN Launch Tour 2005 in Calgary on November 24, 2005. So come to the Cabana and geek out with me as we discuss how Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006 are going to change the face of development. Lots of […]

After months of preparation and much secrecy, Plumbers @ Work has been released into the wild by the .NET Plumbers. The regular podcast is part of MSDN Canada Radio and will be featuring John Bristowe, Dan Sellers, Bil Simser and myself. We’ll be talking about current and upcoming developments in .NET and Microsoft technologies. Our inaugaural episode […]