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Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Double Header last night. I enjoyed presenting to the Calgary .NET User Group again and look forward to presenting to the group in the future. I have posted Tools of the Trade: Must-Have .NET Utilities. Links to all the tools are included in the presentation. (Some of […]

I have joined Allstream as Leader of Application Development. (Don’t worry – I’m staying in Calgary.) With the new position, you’ll be seeing me much more frequently on the speaking circuit as I talk about .NET technologies and how to apply them to development in the ISV and enterprise.

I’ll be presenting a double-header at the Calgary .NET User Group on Wednesday, September 28, 2005 from 6-9pm. It will be hosted at the University of Calgary, ICT Building, room ICT122 ( Pre-registration is required on the User Group website. Hope to see you there! Tools of the Trade: Must-Have .NET UtilitiesThe number of .NET […]

The Alberta .NET User Group is starting a new season and this one is kicking off with a former collegue of mine, Ron Matyjanka, presenting one of my talks, Tools of the Trade – Must-Have .NET Utilities. Pre-registration is required, which you can do on the AB.NET website. If you can’t make Ron’s talk, I’ll be presenting an […]

There’s a lot of flurry around the web these days over JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Steve Maine has a great piece comparing JSON to XML and looks at the problems that the technology has ahead of itself based on the pains that XML has overcome in the past. Recommended!

Another thing that’s been kicking around for awhile and I figured it was time to persist to long-term storage. Here are the three top-level places in a WinForms app where you absolutely need exception handling routines to ensure that all exceptions are caught: try/catch around Main() Attach a System.Threading.ThreadExceptionEventHandler to Application.ThreadException Attach a UnhandledExceptionEventHandler to […]

Scott Hanselman recently blogged about how Internet Explorer was spontaneously disappearing on him. Coincidentally in the past week or so, I recently had the same problem start to happen. Windows Explorer just started to disappear for 5-10 seconds and then reappear. This would happen a few times per day. I was guessing that it wasn’t […]

I’ll be presenting a series of talks for Calgary .NET User Group on acquiring your MCAD/MCSD. The series will include test taking strategies, helpful hints, and other useful information you should know about attaining your credentials. The first in the series will be Tips & Tricks for 70-306/70-316: Developing Windows®-Based Applications. Date & Time: Wednesday, September 14, […]

I’ve had this kicking around in my bookmarks for ages, but I thought I’d share… Have you ever had to diagram in UML using Visio? It’s a painful process. The UML add-in for Visio has a number of deficiencies: Doesn’t support the latest spec (UML 2.0) Even with the spec it supports, it gets some […]

If you haven’t checked them out yet, take a look at the MSDN Forums. I’ve been assisting with the Forums since they launched earlier this year and was asked to be a MSDN Forums Moderator recently. They were originally launched to answer questions about VS 2005, .NET Framework 2.0, and SQL Server 2005, but have […]