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As usual, I’ve been reading voraciously about all things .NET and here’s a selection of articles and blog posts that every developer should read in their copious amounts of spare time over the holidays. Our first stop is security… Security for developers has long been near and dear to my heart. So it should come as […]

I present to you, my dear readers, this humble set of links that I’ve found helpful in my own learnings in the arcane (sometimes black) art of SharePoint development. Honestly I’ve had this list kicking around my desktop for a few months and have been meaning to blog about it. (I put them together for a course that […]

If you’re running as a non-admin (which you know you should be), you are used to Right click… Run as… if you need to execute an application that needs admin privileges. This is easy and good. This even works for installers that are packaged as EXE. The pain is when you want to install a […]

If you’re a developer like me, you can appreciate an aesthetically pleasing website, but couldn’t create one if your life depended on it. Oh sure, I can sling HTML, DHTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the best of them, but I’m an implementer, not a graphic artist. So what to do if you’re too cheap to […]

No, I’m not confused. Read on and all shall become clear… Since the dawn of time*, the conditional-expression operator, ?:, has confused C-language newbies for generations. Not to be outdone, C# 2.0 has introduced the ?? operator. This is a little known addition to the C# language that has an interesting use – besides confusing VB […]

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m probably the second to last VS developer to figure out how snippets really work. I’m writing this post in the hopes that the last developer finds this… Code Snippets is a new feature in VS 2005. I’ve been using them via the somewhat laborious Right Click… Insert Code Snippet… scroll […]