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A few days ago, I read Kyle Baley’s post about learning Rhino Mocks. Like many folks, he initially had trouble understanding Rhino Mocks’ record/playback metaphor. Then during the Calgary Code Camp, an attendee kindly pointed out that I had forgotten mockRepository.ReplayAll() in my unit test – fortunately before I actually ran it. Then yesterday I […]

The Calgary Code Camp is this Saturday! If you haven’t already registered, head over to the site and do so. (If you are reading this after April 28, 2007, you missed it.) Here are some stats for the curious: Number of tracks: 3 Number of speakers: 13 Number of sponsors: 14 Number of sessions: 15 […]

I would like to thank everyone who voted for my TechEd 2007 Bird of a Feather (BoF) session. The votes have been tallied and my session has been accepted. So I will be leading a lively discussion on: Creating Flexible Software: TDD, Mocking, and Dependency Injection There has been much discussion of agile development techniques, […]

What can I say? I love ReSharper. I bought a copy with my own hard-earned cash because it made my life as a developer easier. TDD development without ReSharper is like GUI development in notepad. It can be done, but it ain’t pretty. The JetBrains team, the folks behind ReSharper, is also incredibly helpful and open. […]

Ever had the trial version of an application run just fine, but fail horribly when you register a license key? I’ve had this happen with two different and completely unrelated software products – FLStudio (awesome music authoring application) and FinalBuilder (a NAnt/MSBuild replacement). In both cases, the cause was a Data Execution Prevention (DEP) violation. (DEP is on […]

For those of you who noticed, my site was down for the past week due to hardware and DNS issues. To avoid similar problems in the future, I’ve moved my hosting to During the move, I encountered some “technical difficulties” – namely DasBlog not running in a medium trust hosting environment. (Running ASP.NET in […]