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Don Box provides a succint summary on the whole SOAP vs. REST debate. I couldn’t agree with him more!

Something that I’ve always liked about the Windows NT platform and the .NET Framework is their excellent support for Unicode. Historically programming has been (and continues to be) very English-centric. This is not a problem for me as my native tongue is English, but I’ve learned a smattering of other languages over the years… French – […]

We’ve just released Episode 3: Powered by Infinite Improbability Drive. So that we can get you, our loyal listeners, the episodes more quickly, we’ll be hosting on both MSDN Canada Community Radio as well as on the Plumbers @ Work site. You can find the show notes here, photos here, and podcast here. It will be […]

When reviewing code, I often encounter problems in the way that exceptions are handled. I’m not going to cover guidelines for designing your own exception hierarchy or whether you should derive from ApplicationException or Exception for custom exceptions. (You should derive from Exception, if you must know. There is really no reason for ApplicationException and […]

Bil Simser has a great blog post on getting Windows SharePoint Services v2 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 set up for development in your favourite virtual environment. Given that I’m just doing the install dance with WSS v2, this is great info. I’m taking a twist and seeing if I can get things going with […]

Bil Simser is looking to upgrade from his current status as SharePoint MVP to the world’s first ever Notepad MVP. Support his cause and wish him luck! You go, boy!