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You’ve downloaded the latest, coolest utility (for example, ZoneStripper) 🙂 with source code. The source code is sitting on your local hard drive yet when you launch the solution in Visual Studio .NET 2003, you receive the warning: The project location is not fully trusted by the .NET runtime. This is usually because it is […]

It’s official. CruiseControl.NET 0.7 has been released. Check it out! Congrats and thank you to the team on finalizing the release candidate.

One of my collegues was asking me which tools I use for .NET Development, preferrably of the free or virtually free variety. So for everyone’s enjoyment (and my future reference): Development Tools NUnit NAnt NDoc CruiseControl.NETCLR Profiler CLR Spy Lutz Roeder’s tools, especially: Reflector for .NET and Documentor for .NET Chris Sells’ tools, especially: RegexDesigner.NET and XmlSerializerPreCompiler […]

Eric Sink and the gang over at SourceGear just released a beta of Vault 3.0 as well as a beta of a new bugtracking product called Dragnet 1.0. Definitely on my list of things to check out…

Thoughtworks has released a new version of CruiseControl.NET (CC.NET 0.7 RC-1), a continuous integration build system. Each release has dramatically improved the functionality offered. So I’m looking forward to checking out the new goodies that this release offers. (I’ve been running a nightly build rather than 0.6.1 to get some enhanced email reporting features.) I’m intrigued […]