InfoQ has made another of my DevTeach talks available online – TDD/BDD as Architectural Tools. Enjoy!

TDD/BDD as Architectural Tools

As architects, we have all experienced the folly of BDUF (Big Design Up Front) – spending weeks or months perfecting an architecture that fails when it meets the real requirements and real code. Is it possible to design in the small? How can we avoid unintended complexity, which cripples so many code bases? Can we build enough of an architecture to start writing code and then flesh out our architecture as the code evolves? In this session we examine how Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) allow us to solve these conundrums. We will see how we can use TDD/BDD to focus our architectural efforts in the high-value areas of our code base to achieve just-in-time architecture.