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A few weeks ago Richard and Carl invited me to appear on .NET Rocks again and I jumped at the chance. I had a great time talking to them about doing more with less (writing less, but smarter code) and how convention-over-configuration changes the way that we develop software for the better. Check it out […]

Recently I was on the PowerScripting Podcast hosted by Hal Rottenberg and Jonathan Walz. I had a great time talking about PowerShell from a developer’s perspective and psake, my PowerShell-based build system, in particular. You can find the interview on Episode 56 here. Thanks to Hal and Jonathan for having me on the show. Now […]

I had the pleasure of appearing on .NET Rocks #362. I talked to Carl and Richard about dependency inversion, dependency injection, and inversion of control. A lot of what we talked about I also wrote about in my MSDN article, Loosen Up: Tame Your Software Dependencies for More Flexible Apps. Here’s the summary of the […]

Bil joins John and James on ooVoo to try out three-way videocasting. Play Silverlight video. Play MP3 audio only. DevTeach Montreal on Dec. 1-5 ( Call for speakers ( MOSS VHD 30-day Trial ( Podcasting Kit for SharePoint ( ReSharper 4 Released ( Becoming a Jedi: Part 3 of N – Refactoring I (2008/06/16/Becoming-A-Jedi-Part-3-Of-N) Project […]

We’ve had a backlog of shows in the hopper waiting to be produced. Three episodes in one smash hit release, all available in MP3 format. On Episode 16, John and I try videocasting via ooVoo. Watch the talking heads and let us know if you like the new format or whether we should stick to […]

The Plumbers are back for another half-hour of mayhem. Get it here. Heroes Happen {Here} Launch ( DevTeach Toronto May 12-16 ( Discussing Hanselminutes #103 Quetzal Bradley on Testing after Unit Tests ( Release It! by Michael Nygard ( Bil 0 IE 8 ( John {Hearts} Polymorphic Podcast ( MSDN Mag article – Loosen Up: […]

The Plumbers are finally back after a long hiatus with a new 1/2 hour format. You can download it from here. In this episode we discuss: Heroes Happen Here Launch SQL Server 2008 Visual Studio 2008 Extension methods JavaScript debugging and Intellisense Lamdas, LINQ, and PLINQ DevTeach past and future ALT.NET Open Space Conference coming […]

After my DNIC video interview, John just wanted to know more about agile development. So we did it again, this time podcast-style. You can check out the audio interview here.

After my presentation yesterday on Simple Patterns for Simple Problems, John Bristowe, a fellow plumber (and closet agilist), interviewed me about agile development on the .NET platform. We talked about why developers should be interested in learning more about agile development techniques, including unit testing, TDD, code coverage, continuous integration, and more. Check it out: A Chat with […]

In this episode, we talk about Silverlight, Calgary Code Camp, Silverlight, GoDaddy refunds, Silverlight, Rhino Mocks, Silverlight, Entity Framework, Silverlight, NHibernate, Silverlight, and Halo 2. We finally wrap up the show by talking about Silverlight… You can download it from here. Calgary Code Camp Retrospective Bil, James, and John contemplate retirement after receiving […]