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A few months back, I announced that I was doing a series of articles for MSDN Magazine on improving a “classic” ASP.NET application with modern tooling and frameworks. As an application, I chose ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0 to use as my example throughout. The first article, Extreme ASP.NET Makeover – Getting Your House in Order, went […]

My third episode of Becoming a Jedi is live. In this episode, I start looking at ReSharper’s refactoring capabilities. Episode Listing Part 1 of N: Code Browsing streaming download Part 2 of N: Code Cleanup streaming download Part 3 of N: Refactoring I streaming download Streaming requires Silverlight 1.0 or higher. Download is via Microsoft […]

The next episode of Becoming a Jedi is now live and covers code cleanup. Specifically I look at quick fixes, context actions, safe delete, and reformat code. You can find it here: Streaming: Becoming a Jedi – Part 2: Code Cleanup (requires Silverlight 1.0 or higher)* Download: Becoming a Jedi – Part 2: Code Cleanup […]

…a ReSharper Jedi, that is. I am making no claims about my own ReSharper Jedi abilities. JP and Oren are known ReSharper Jedi Masters. I feel more like Luke Skywalker when he first landed on Dagobah in comparison. Back to the point of this post… Many developers don’t see the value of JetBrains’ ReSharper until […]