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No, this post is not a tribute to the fabulously kitschy Batman TV series (1966-1968) starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Or a tribute to the onomatopoeic sounds for which it and the Batman comics were famous. This show did however come to mind when I was trying to solve a PowerShell problem and ran […]

Another year, another DevTeach. A big thank you to everyone involved. To the organizers, Jean-Rene Roy and Maryse Dubois, thank you for continuing to support and encourage the Canadian developer community. To my fellow Tech Chairs, for helping select an awesome array of both local and international talent to present. To my fellow speakers, for […]

A few months ago, my friend, D’Arcy Lussier, and I had the following conversation: D’Arcy: Want to speak at a developer conference? Me: Sure. Sounds awesome! D’Arcy: It’ll be in Regina, Saskatchewan. Me: Sweet! D’Arcy: It’ll be in June. Me: Where do I sign up!?! All joking aside, D’Arcy is putting together what looks to […]