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My MSDN Magazine article entitled Debug Leaky Apps: Identify and Prevent Memory Leaks in Managed Code┬áhas been published in the January 2007 issue. Go check it out! Due to space constraints, the editors at MSDN Magazine left a few acknowledgements on the cutting room floor. I would like to acknowledge Rico Mariani (MS) for coining […]

There are many paths to software enlightenment, to attaining the state of development nirvana knows as ZenBoo. Masters of the art of ZenBoo can invert dependencies at will, value coding to interface* not implementation, favour composition over inheritance,** and respect the open-closed principle.*** On your journey to becoming a ZenBoodist, you will encounter many revelations […]

This post by S. Somasegar, VP of Microsoft’s Developer Division, stirred up quite a racket back in September about incompatibilities in VS2005 on Windows Vista. Now that I’ve had a chance to use VS2005 on Vista seriously for a few weeks, I can say that it’s much ado about nothing. VS2005 is a complex application. […]