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Next week, I am competing in Speaker Idol at TechEd 2007 in Orlando, Florida. What is Speaker Idol? Think Idol – Geek Edition. There will be twelve geeks taking the stage to sing and strut their stuff.* The Honourable Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks fame will be hosting. We’ve each got 5 […]

I honestly don’t know who is right or wrong from a legal perspective (Damn it, Jim, I’m a developer not a lawyer!), but does anyone find it a bit strange that Microsoft is suing Jamie Cansdale over TestDriven.NET? Jamie’s legal troubles stem from TestDriven.NET supporting Visual Studio Express. Microsoft apparently feels that add-ins to VS Express are […]

Kenny Kerr has released Window Clippings 2.0, complete with its own website. I’ve been using Window Clippings for a few years now and it continues to be my favourite screen capture tool. Simple, efficient, elegant, and (mostly) free. He has been continuing to update it and it includes cool features like: Support alpha transparency, both […]

Source control is a must when it comes to development. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a large team of developers or if you’re the only one. You need to set up source control. For my own pet projects, I use Subversion. Simple to set up and simple to use, especially with TortoiseSVN. I’m not […]

Jeffrey Palermo is throwing another of his famous parties, this time at TechEd 2007 in Orlando, Florida. I attended a “Party with Palermo” at the Microsoft Global MVP Summit in Redmond this spring and it was a blast. A veritable who’s who in the Microsoft space. I got to meet a lot of cool people […]

I was recently asked how to configure a site to redirect automatically from HTTP to HTTPS. By this I mean when the user types in,* the browser will automatically redirect to You can do it through code, but with a little ingenuity, you can do it strictly through IIS configuration. Let’s walk through the setup… […]

Ian Griffiths has an excellent post on why UAC exists and why we as developers shouldn’t turn it off in frustration. Like Ian, I ran Windows XP as a non-admin and UAC is welcome relief to the tedium of switching between accounts to configure things.* Now I’m not claiming that UAC is perfect. Notably Vista […]

In this episode, we talk about Silverlight, Calgary Code Camp, Silverlight, GoDaddy refunds, Silverlight, Rhino Mocks, Silverlight, Entity Framework, Silverlight, NHibernate, Silverlight, and Halo 2. We finally wrap up the show by talking about Silverlight… You can download it from here. Calgary Code Camp Retrospective Bil, James, and John contemplate retirement after receiving […]

Veni, vedi, codi… We came, we saw, we coded. The second Calgary Code Camp has come and gone. We had just over 100 attendees show up at our doors on Saturday. I would like to offer a big thanks to: Our sponsors who donated $20,000 worth of prizes as well as enough money to rent […]