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Here’s an interesting bit of CLR trivia for you. The CLR behaves differently with respect to how aggressively it considers references dead depending on whether or not a debugger is attached. Take the following code as an example: public void Foo() {     Bar b = new Bar();     // Do some stuff with b […]

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk on Introducing Windows CardSpace. It was one of the liveliest talks I’ve given. I had lots of great questions throughout the presentation and some great discussions with people during and after. I’ve posted the slidedeck here (5086 KB). Following is a list of resources (reproduced from the slidedeck) […]

Overall I’ve had good first impressions of Team Foundation Server, which I installed and configured for a client. We installed TFS Workgroup Edition to get started and later wanted to upgrade to the full version, which the client acquired through volume licensing. Upgrading from Workgroup (or Trial) Edition to the full version using a volume license key (VLK) is […]

I’ll be talking about Microsoft’s new identity metasystem, Windows CardSpace, at the Calgary .NET User Group on August 15, 2006 starting at 5pm. The event will be held at Calgary Place, Tower 1 – 11th Floor (3rd Street SW, between 4th Ave SW and 5th Ave SW). Registration is available through the Calgary .NET User Group website. The […]