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You’ve encountered a dreaded <Colour> Screen of Death (where Colour = Blue, Black, Yellow, Fuschia, etc.) or similar problem. After googling the error message, you come across a blog post (maybe one of mine) referring you to some Microsoft Knowledge Base Article for a hotfix. The good news is you’ve done all the legwork and you know […]

After my DNIC video interview, John just wanted to know more about agile development. So we did it again, this time podcast-style. You can check out the audio interview here.

Coming to Austin, TX… October 5-7, 2007… Brought to you by the NHibernate Mafia themselves… 3 days of ALT.NET mayhem… See behaviours twisted, tests tortured, dependencies injected, object-relations mapped, and DSLs like you’ve never seen them before… More seriously, what exactly is ALT.NET? David Laribee coined the term to describe developers who look outside the “official […]

I was trying to connect to a TFS server in another domain, but without success. I could connect to the TFS web services through FireFox after providing the correct credentials, but Visual Studio was simply failing with a TF31002: Unable to connect to this Team foundation Server: tfs. I wasn’t being prompted for alternate credentials […]

Thanks to everyone for attending Simple Patterns for Simple Problems last week. Source code – before and after – can be found here.* The “after” source is where we left off. The additional Utility methods are left as an exercise for you, dear reader. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this presentation in […]

After my presentation yesterday on Simple Patterns for Simple Problems, John Bristowe, a fellow plumber (and closet agilist), interviewed me about agile development on the .NET platform. We talked about why developers should be interested in learning more about agile development techniques, including unit testing, TDD, code coverage, continuous integration, and more. Check it out: A Chat with […]

(via Raymond Chen) What happens when you pit a Trojan Horse filled with a half-dozen Greek soldiers versus modern security guards? Watch and find out… Of all the attempts, I found it most amusing that the history department had not learned its lesson from history, but the Turkish embassy didn’t fall for the ploy a […]

(via Jean-Paul Boodhoo) Manoj Khanna just created the Calgary Open Source Group specifically to foster the use of open source software in the Calgary market. Here is the group’s mandate: “Calgary Open Source Group (COSG) is a forum that promotes the spread of Open Source Software and Free Software culture in Calgary. Through lively debate/talks, […]

Jean-Paul Boodhoo and I will be presenting Simple Patterns for Simple Problems at the Calgary .NET User Group at noon on Thursday, July 19, 2007. Here’s the abstract: Everyone has that little (or not so little) class called Utility that holds all kinds of interesting bits of business logic. It is a hodge-podge of code that […]

Every time I need to set up a bunch of virtual machines, I have to go back and look up where to find the Sysprep tool and how to use it. Here are the details so I can find it in the future… In case you haven’t encountered Sysprep before, it is a tool that […]