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Yes, it’s true. My CodeBetter friends have invited me to join their ranks and I’ve accepted. Like JP, I’ll still be cross-syndicating to both my CodeBetter blog and my own site. No need to subscribe to both. You’ll get the same content either way. To my old readers, sit back, relax, and keep enjoying yourselves. […]

To be honest, I usually ignore the Toolbox column in MSDN Magazine. Usually it features various vendors’ offerings around .NET. The December 2007 issue is typical in that it features .netLIVEHELP ($395), Instant C#/VB ($179), and UltraMon ($39.95). November 2007 featured Spread for Windows Forms ($899), Peter’s Date Package ($90), and WinMerge (free). Previous issues […]

I know many developers still swear by Windows XP, but I actually like many of the improvements in Windows Vista. Yes, Vista still has some rough edges, but overall it’s a pleasant experience. That said, one of the best features of Vista is the new Start menu. Rather than clicking through a bunch of cascading […]

I know a few friends who are absolute keyboard junkies. They won’t even touch the mouse unless absolutely necessary. I tend to be more pragmatic about my keyboard use. If I use an application a lot, I learn the keyboard shortcuts. Otherwise I just reach for the mouse. That said, here are some keyboard shortcuts […]

This is the must-see Web 2.0 parody video by The Richter Scales. The lyrics are superb and hit the proverbial nail on the head. The lead singer, Matt Hempey, is a high school friend of Scott Hanselman. More info can be found on Scott’s blog.

A few weeks ago I was merrily working away on an application that uses NHibernate to query data from an Oracle database. I didn’t feel like installing a local Oracle instance as typically I do more work against SQL Server. So I develop locally against a SQL Server database and switch to Oracle by changing […]

Thanks to everyone who came to my presentations during DevTeach. I’m going to try something different than zip files for distributing code samples. I’ve set up a public Subversion repository on Google Code here. If you’ve got a Subversion client (such as TortoiseSVN) installed, you can point it to: The slidedecks are available in […]

I spent last week hanging out at DevTeach in Vancouver. Awesome conference. Although heavily Canadian, people from around the world showed up. (I finally got a chance to meet Oren Eini (aka Ayende Rahien) in person after emailing/IMing/etc. for a long time.) The Agile track was particularly well-attended, often with standing room only available. Of […]