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I spent many hours over the past few days trying to get Reporting Services up and running on my new box. I had set up Reporting Services many times before without difficulty, but for some reason, it just didn’t want to cooperate this time. The setup succeeded, but when I tried to access Report Manager, Report […]

So you’ve finally decided to do it – you’re going to break the addiction, join AA (Administrators Anonymous), and stop developing as a local administrator. I applaud you. I’ve been successfully developing software as a non-administrator for a number of months and I feel great. Here’s a few tips and tricks to be a successful […]

I gave an invited talk at the GEOIDE Student Network (GSN) today on the use of .NET in scientific computing. Usually the concern around scientific problems is performance-related, though much of the introductory material is appropriate for introducing any group to .NET. For many performance-related tasks, a managed environment can produce code that is just as fast […]

There has been a lot of buzz around the blogsphere lately about Microsoft ending support for VB6. No, VB.NET isn’t a drop-in replacement. At the same time, the VB6 run-time isn’t going to self-destruct at the end of the month and the VB6 development environment will continue to compile code. Life will be as it always […]

Rico Mariani has been providing excellent .NET performance advice for quite awhile on his blog. If you don’t know Rico, he’s part of the CLR performance team and I would highly recommend reading his posts. Rico has been so kind as to setup a pair of wikis so that his past blog postings are easier to find […]