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In this final (for now) instalment, let me ask a rhetorical question: Is managed code the right choice for every applications? Absolutely not! For example, .NET and Windows itself are not designed for use in real-time systems. There are no guarentees on worst-case latency during processing. i.e. If you’re writing software for a pacemaker or […]

Back to talking about performance and .NET. Let me give you an example from my own experience regarding skepticism about whether you can write highly performant applications using managed code. The thought is that if it ain’t C++, it can’t be fast. (The same skepticism applies to Java, too.) I can attest first-hand that it […]

Continuing the series on life in a managed world, I promised you Developer Deathmatch. It was honestly more of a friendly challenge between Rico Mariani and Raymond Chen. This is only one application and your mileage will vary from application to application, but the main point here is to show that managed doesn’t necessarily mean […]

This is the first in a series on life in the managed world. Originally it started as a single post and has been growing tentacles ever since. To tame the beast, I’ll only write about a few tentacles at a time… The performance characteristics of managed code have been an interest of mine for a […]

Rico Mariani has been providing excellent .NET performance advice for quite awhile on his blog. If you don’t know Rico, he’s part of the CLR performance team and I would highly recommend reading his posts. Rico has been so kind as to setup a pair of wikis so that his past blog postings are easier to find […]