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I am currently involved in organizing the Calgary Code Camp, which will be held in downtown Calgary on Saturday, May 27, 2006. You are probaby wondering, “What is a Code Camp?” Simply put, a Code Camp is a developer event by and for the developer community. You get a full day of developer-focused content created […]

Fellow plumber, Bil Simser, asks the question how the heck does someone debug SharePoint as a non-admin. Elementary, my dear Simser, elementary… The fundamental problem that Bil is experiencing occurs with SharePoint, ASP.NET, or any app that runs under a different security context than your own. A normal user can only debug applications running under […]

First we had Joel Semeniuk speaking about VSTS in January. Now more Microsoft Regional Directors are descending on our fair city! Juval Lowy of iDesign will be speaking about Windows Communication Foundation (WCF aka Indigo) at the Calary .NET User Group on March 23, 2006 from 5 to 8pm. You can find details and registration […]

In this final (for now) instalment, let me ask a rhetorical question: Is managed code the right choice for every applications? Absolutely not! For example, .NET and Windows itself are not designed for use in real-time systems. There are no guarentees on worst-case latency during processing. i.e. If you’re writing software for a pacemaker or […]

Episode 4: Life, the Universe, and Everything is complete. John and I hold down the fort in the latest episode of Plumbers @ Work. You can find the show notes here (as well as below) and podcast here. It will be posted to MSDN Canada Community Radio shortly. Show Notes Introduction News Bytes: Renaming of […]

After I wrote Common Pitfalls When Handling Exceptions in .NET, I had a few questions about exception handling techniques when you’re writing a Web Service. Of course the common pitfalls still apply. The questions were more around how you should expose those exceptions to the client of a Web Service. Should you let them percolate […]