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Prairie Dev Con was a blast. Great job by D’Arcy on organizing the conference. Thank you to everyone who attended my sessions and especially those who asked questions. I also enjoyed catching up with many of my friends who showed up, even if I was only able to speak to some of the briefly. (It […]

Do you want the next gen of next-gen applications? Get the Visual Studio 2010 CTP! Which is – according to Microsoft itself – really just Visual Studio 2008 with ReSharper installed. Take a close look. (Click on the image above for the full-size image.) The window in front clearly shows Visual Studio 2008 with the […]

This is the must-see Web 2.0 parody video by The Richter Scales. The lyrics are superb and hit the proverbial nail on the head. The lead singer, Matt Hempey, is a high school friend of Scott Hanselman. More info can be found on Scott’s blog.

Having attended Harvard, I am very familiar with the friendly rivalry between Harvard and MIT. The MIT engineers are notorious for their pranks aka hacks, sometimes at the expense of Harvard. To celebrate the release of Halo 3, the famous bronze statue of John Harvard in Harvard Yard underwent an extreme makeover. John Harvard Before: […]

(via Raymond Chen) What happens when you pit a Trojan Horse filled with a half-dozen Greek soldiers versus modern security guards? Watch and find out… Of all the attempts, I found it most amusing that the history department had not learned its lesson from history, but the Turkish embassy didn’t fall for the ploy a […]

Bil Simser is looking to upgrade from his current status as SharePoint MVP to the world’s first ever Notepad MVP. Support his cause and wish him luck! You go, boy!

Rico Mariani, performance guru extraordinaire, turns out to be an amateur lyracist too. For all those geeks out there, here is Rico’s version of Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out For A [Coding] Hero. (You can listen to a clip of the original version here, compliments of Amazon.) Enjoy!

Very humourous cartoon. I suspect that the intersection between fans of blogging and Star Trek is a very large group. Enjoy!

Have you ever wanted to publish a CS paper, but lacked one or more of the following? A good topic Co-authors Time to write it Any knowledge of computer science If you answered YES to any of the above, then SCIgen can save the day. Generate your own personal CS paper. Share it with your […]

Don Box and Andrew Layman analyze the flow characteristics of XML streams using fluid dynamics and investigate improvements to XML compression efficiency using discrete cosine transforms.   XML Performance Improvements through Interdisciplinary Factor Assessment and Application   This is geek humour at its finest. Thanks, Don and Andrew, for an enjoyable April 1st chuckle.