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Thanks to everyone who came out to see “What’s New in NHibernate 3?” at the Calgary .NET User Group last night. I had a fun time sharing all the new tidbits available in NHibernate 3 including… .NET Client Profile support Loquacious configuration Support for new data types Lazy-loaded properties Built-in LINQ provider via Query<T>() Strongly-typed […]

[Code for this article is available on GitHub here.] NHibernate 3 introduces support for both the .NET 3.5 Client Profile and .NET 4.0 Client Profile. This means that applications built with NHibernate can be deployed to client desktops without the full .NET Framework installed. Why hasn’t this been available all along? NHibernate 2.X was built […]

[Code for this article is available on GitHub here.] Nothing gets an OO zealot hot under the collar the way the term polymorphism does. You probably have three questions right now… What does polymorphism have to do with object-relational mapping? How does it relate to NHibernate? And why should I care? An ORM that supports […]

[Code for this article is available on GitHub here.] In this post, we’ll examine the ways that NHibernate supports the DateTime-related data types, including some new features introduced in NHibernate 2 and 3. Here is a quick summary for the impatient. DbType .NET SQL Type DateTime System.DateTime datetime LocalDateTime System.DateTime datetime UtcDateTime System.DateTime datetime DateTimeOffset […]

[Code for this article is available on GitHub here.] One of the new features in NHibernate 3 is the addition of a fluent API for configuring NHibernate through code. Fluent NHibernate has provided a fluent configuration API for awhile, but now we have an option built into NHibernate itself. (Personally I prefer the new Loquacious […]