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Another episode airs and provides further proof that the dolphins have been right all along… You can download it from here. Unify 2007 Tour – Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) Tour – ORMs ADO.NET Entity Framework – and NHibernate – Global MVP Summit – Singularity Managed OS – […]

We’re back! Latest episode is here. Show Notes TechNet/MSDN Application Platform Tour – Calgary Code Camp 2007 on Saturday, April 28, 2007 – Windows Home Server Beta 2 – “Orcas” on target for 2007 release – PowerShell 1.0 for Vista – VPC 2007 released – ASP.NET Ajax 1.0 – […]

Mr. Bristowe is kicking butt! After letting episode 7 languish on his hard drive for over a month before releasing it to the waiting developer hordes, he redeems himself on episode 8 with a 24-hour turn-around time. Way-to-go, John! Show Notes Dan Sellers Leaving Microsoft James Kovacs, MVP Award! 2007 Microsoft Launch (Windows Vista, 2007 […]

Finally published. You can grab it here. Show Notes Introduction NDoc and Sandcastle CodePlex CTPs and You Charging for Office 2007 Downloads Virtual PC is Free TFS Administration Tool & TF Sidekicks Microsoft Acquires Sysinternals Windows Vista, Build 5472 Available Security and Windows Vista BlackHat Conference Edmonton Code Camp Upcoming MSDN Events Comments, […]

A light news show… hopefully. You can grab it here. The episode will hit MSDN Canada Community Radio in the near future. Show Notes Introduction Calgary Code Camp ( Edmonton .NET User Group ( Microsoft TechEd 2006 SharePoint Portal Server 2007 Office Server System Microsoft Excel Services Outlook and Internet Calendars Got RSS? The Introduction […]

One of my fellow plumbers, John Bristowe – techno-wonk extraordinaire – has started up a new podcast where he interviews developers from across the Great White North. He’s shipping them in bite-sized pieces that are about 15 minutes long. The first three interviews feature: Rob Chartier on Code Camps Me on 64-Bit Development (WARNING: I […]

John, Bil, and I are tending bar and the Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters are on the house. You can grab one here. The episode will hit MSDN Canada Community Radio in the near future. Show Notes Introduction News Bytes: IronPython v1.0 Beta 4 The 73+ Languages in .NET News Bytes: Windows Workflow Foundation (WinWF) v2.2 […]

Episode 4: Life, the Universe, and Everything is complete. John and I hold down the fort in the latest episode of Plumbers @ Work. You can find the show notes here (as well as below) and podcast here. It will be posted to MSDN Canada Community Radio shortly. Show Notes Introduction News Bytes: Renaming of […]

We’ve just released Episode 3: Powered by Infinite Improbability Drive. So that we can get you, our loyal listeners, the episodes more quickly, we’ll be hosting on both MSDN Canada Community Radio as well as on the Plumbers @ Work site. You can find the show notes here, photos here, and podcast here. It will be […]

Our second episode is live! John, Bil, and I had a blast talking tech, as usual. Unfortunately Dan was unable to join us, but he was there in spirit. What you’ll get in this one-hour, action-packed episode: Introduction The Plumbers are In – Bil, James, and John Report; Dan is MIA Living the 2005 Canadian […]