Our second episode is live! John, Bil, and I had a blast talking tech, as usual. Unfortunately Dan was unable to join us, but he was there in spirit. What you’ll get in this one-hour, action-packed episode:
  • Introduction
  • The Plumbers are In – Bil, James, and John Report; Dan is MIA
  • Living the 2005 Canadian Launch Tour
  • The Performance “Gardener” Has Left the Building
  • CTP Hell is Over
  • WPF, WCF, and WF! Oh My!
  • “Office 12”
  • MSDN and TDD
  • Google Analytics
  • Marketing BizTalk Server 2006
  • ASP.NET Web Administration Tool
  • James Gets Excited about Virtual Server 2005 R2
  • Half-Time
  • WinFX, Part Deux: Visual Designers
  • Clemens Vasters’ “Soccer Anywhere” Project
  • Microsoft Application Verifier (Bounds Checker on the Cheap)
  • PromptSQL: Intellisense for T-SQL
  • Visual Studio 2005 Add-Ins
  • SharePoint Adventures with the DSL Toolkit
  • Taming the “Wild” Corporate Developer with VSTS
  • SQL Server 2005 Service Manager and The Case of the Missing System Tray Icon
  • Orb.com
  • Xbox 360, Where Art Thou?
Without further ado, I present to you:
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