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I gave an invited talk at the GEOIDE Student Network (GSN) today on the use of .NET in scientific computing. Usually the concern around scientific problems is performance-related, though much of the introductory material is appropriate for introducing any group to .NET. For many performance-related tasks, a managed environment can produce code that is just as fast […]

Enterprise Library has been released. Get it while it’s hot! At a high-level, Enterprise Library bundles together Microsoft’s best Application Blocks in one integrated, easily installable package. If you’re using App Blocks in your applications, you really should download and take a look at what Enterprise Library has to offer. Download it from the Enterprise […]

Chris Sells has released SolFx for Nov. ’04 Avalon CTP bits. Yours truly wrote the underlying Solitaire engine that Chris’ code uses. (Yes, I do strange things “for fun”.) Great work, Chris, on creating a scalable version of Solitaire! Now we just have to take a look and see if we can reduce the memory usage.

Everyone is understandably excited about the Avalon CTP. I myself am starting to play around with it. Interesting stuff. But what is happening with Longhorn? When Longhorn was first announced, it was all about the three pillars: Avalon, Indigo, and WinFS – three different aspects of WinFX. Then WinFS got dropped from the schedule. Scratch one […]

From John Montgomery (via Chris Sells), we finally have some recommendations from Redmond on which UI technology we should use going into the future. The basic message – use common sense. Use WinForms now while Avalon is in development. Consider Avalon for appropriate scenarios when it debuts. Use Avalon (and re-use previously developed WinForms controls via interop) […]

A few days ago I presented a talk to my company, Quadrus Development Inc., entitled Tools of the Trade: Must-Have .NET Utilities. I covered off the major tools that should be in any .NET developer’s toolbox. These include the usual suspects, many of which I noted here, as well as a few fun ones like devMetrics […]