What can I say? I love ReSharper. I bought a copy with my own hard-earned cash because it made my life as a developer easier. TDD development without ReSharper is like GUI development in notepad. It can be done, but it ain’t pretty.

The JetBrains team, the folks behind ReSharper, is also incredibly helpful and open. When I was developing the VstsUnit Plugin for ReSharper, Oleg Stepanov – JetBrains’ Head .NET Project Manager – was kind enough to answer my questions about some integration challenges I was experiencing. His assistance saved me days of head-scratching, trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

So it’s pay-back time.  JetBrains is looking for feedback on ReSharper to help drive the product’s direction. How can JetBrains make ReSharper even better than it already is? Is there a killer feature you’d love them to implement? Thinking of buying ReSharper, but it’s missing your must-have feature? Take a few minutes and fill out their survey.

If you’re not a ReSharper user and are wondering what all of us TDDers are blithering about, come to the Calgary Code Camp on Saturday, April 28, 2007 and you’ll not only see ReSharper in action,* you could win a free copy! JetBrains is one of our sponsors and has graciously donated copies of their .NET Productivity Pack, which includes ReSharper and dotTrace**, as door prizes. You could be one of the lucky few to walk away with these great products.

* All the speakers in the Agile track are avid ReSharper users. So you’ll get a chance to see fingers and code flying. True art is watching Jean-Paul Boodhoo at the keyboard with ReSharper. He is THE master.

** dotTrace is a performance and memory profiling tool. I’ve tried out many of the major profiling tools on the market and dotTrace is definitely the easiest to use and has consistently provided great results. Straightforward answers with a minimum of fuss. Highly recommended.