The Calgary Code Camp is this Saturday! If you haven’t already registered, head over to the site and do so. (If you are reading this after April 28, 2007, you missed it.) Here are some stats for the curious:

Number of tracks: 3
Number of speakers: 13
Number of sponsors: 14
Number of sessions: 15
Number of prizes: Over 60
Value of prizes: Approximately $20,000 CAD
Being there: Priceless

Last year the delegates from Edmonton walked away with a disproportionate number of prizes. This year we’ve worked with our sponsors to thwart the Edmonton contingent by bringing in more prizes than the Edmontonians can carry home. Let me say that our sponsors have been awesome. We’ve got over 60 door prizes worth around $20,000 CAD. Prizes include component packages from Dundas, ComponentArt, and Nevron; books from Addison-Wesley and Apress; a free registration to DevTeach Montreal 2007; copies of JetBrains .NET Productivity Pack; and lots of hardware. There is even rumour of an XBox 360 among the loot.

All the sponsors have been very supportive, but I want to say that JetBrains has gone above and beyond the call of duty. The JetBrains .NET Productivity Pack includes both ReSharper and dotTrace and retails for $600 USD. One in twenty attendees will walk away with this prize! That’s right. You’ve got a 1 in 20 chance of taking home two of the best .NET tools on the market. Awesome!

Thanks go to all the sponsors for their support and I hope to see you at the Calgary Code Camp on Saturday!