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FireFox is a great browser, but many people like me are wedded to IE whether we like it or not. Too many websites are only tested on IE, especially corporate intranets. So what to do when you want modern browser features like tab browsing, ad blocking, etc., but aren’t prepared to dump IE as your […]

The GMail Notifier from Google is a must-have utility for GMail users. It runs as a tray icon and has some great features, including: toasts when new mail arrives double-click tray icon to launch GMail optionally allow GMail to intercept mailto: links in web pages

It’s patch-time again and this one’s not from Microsoft! (Let’s face it – poor security is an industry-wide problem.) Anyway, this one is brought to you by Sun Microsystems… A vulnerability has been discovered in the Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) where applets can break out of the sandbox. This vulnerability applies to all OSs where […]

Well, I’m finally blogging – compliments of my friend, John Bristowe, who is kindly hosting my site. A bit of introduction is in order, I suppose. I am an architect, developer, trainer, and jack-of-all-trades working for Quadrus Development Inc. helping clients build software solutions using a variety of technologies, predominantly .NET. My experiences range from smart […]