Another year, another DevTeach. A big thank you to everyone involved. To the organizers, Jean-Rene Roy and Maryse Dubois, thank you for continuing to support and encourage the Canadian developer community. To my fellow Tech Chairs, for helping select an awesome array of both local and international talent to present. To my fellow speakers, for giving some fantastic talks. To all the attendees, for their eager participation, helpful comments, and continued encouragement. To old friends and new whom I spent catching up with in the unofficial speakers lounge, at dinner, and around drinks. There is always something new and fun at DevTeach and this year was no exception. Here are the slides decks and code for those interested:

Convention-over-Configuration in a Web World (pptx | code)

Convention-over-Configuration in an Agile World (pptx | code)

Agile Development with IoC and ORM (pptx | code)

If anyone has any questions, comments, or issues with the slidedecks or code, don’t hestitate to leave me a comment.