Darth VaderThe Edmonton Code Camp was a lot of fun. It was wonderful to catch up with friends – old and new – over lunch and dinner. Thanks to Dave Woods for inviting me.

I have been enjoying sharing my ideas about convention-over-configuration and how it can simplify software development. You expend some serious brain power over figuring out how to enable your application-specific conventions, but everything after that flows easily and without repetition. You end up doing more with less code. During the talk, I demonstrated how frameworks like Fluent NHibernate, AutoMapper, Castle Windsor, ASP.NET MVC, and jQuery support this style of development. (Links below.) I only scratched the surface though. Other frameworks like StructureMap and FubuMVC also are heavily convention-based. With a bit of creative thinking, you can use these techniques in your own code to reduce duplication and increase flexibility.

For those of you who attended, you’ll realize why Darth Vader accompanies this post. For everyone else, you’ll have to check out the slidedeck and code:

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