psake Last night I gave a presentation on psake and PowerShell to the Virtual ALT.NET (VAN) group. I had a fun time demonstrating how to write a psake build script, examining some psake internals, discussing the current state of the project, and generally making a fool of myself by showing how much of a PowerShell noob I really am. I believe that the presentation was recorded and will be posted online in the next few days. Then you too can see me fumbling around trying to remember PowerShell syntax. I consider myself a professional developer when it comes to many areas, but in terms of PowerShell I am a hack who learns just enough to get the job done.

As promised, here are the links from the meeting…

psake Resources

Project Homepage

Users mailing list

Dev mailing list

PowerShell Resources

PowerShell Cheat Sheet

Windows PowerShell in Action (book)

Windows PowerShell Team Blog

On Twitter, I have a search for #psake. If you have a question, comment, or quibble about psake, you can use the #psake hashtag or @JamesKovacs to get my attention.

P.S. A number of people expressed interest in some of my dev-related PowerShell scripts, such as removing unversioned files from a SVN working copy, updating all SVN working copies off a common directory, cleaning a solution, … I’ll be putting them in a publicly accessible location soon and blogging about those scripts. So please be patient and don’t adjust your sets.