My blog has been quiet these last few months. With the economic downturn and various friends’ contracts being terminated, I am busy making hay while the sun shines. I have clients with paying work and so I’m staying busy while the work remains available. I’ll have lots of time for blogging when I’m between contracts. That said, one of my New Years resolutions is to “Never stop sugarcoating the facts without notice”. (Brought to you by the Resolution Randomizer.)


Seriously, one of my major New Years resolutions is to blog and screencast more. That means more Becoming a Jedi episodes, a series of posts on psake and using PowerShell as a build tool, as well as some other ideas that are in-the-works. Other things that I’m currently excited about, and you’ll likely find posts about in the coming months, include MEF, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, multi-step refactorings, Prism/WPF, and convention-over-configuration (in both ORM and IoC) to create maintainable applications.

So stay tuned. More content is on its way.