I was going sysprep a base image of Windows Server 2008 this morning and followed my own instructions on sysprepping Windows. I went to the installation DVD and couldn’t find sysprep. A quick google later and a bit of poking around revealed that sysprep is now installed by default on Windwos Server 2008. You can find it at:


The experience is also streamlined considerably. Simply run sysprep.exe above and you are presented with:


Check the “Generalize” checkbox (regenerates system SID), change the Shutdown Options to “Shutdown”, and click OK. The system will go through the sysprep process and shut itself down. You can now create cloned servers to your heart’s content simply by creating linked servers and booting the clone as originally documented here.

UPDATE: Benjamin Chau noticed that SIDs weren’t being regenerated. Turns out that you need to check the Generalize checkbox to make that happen.