I’ll be one of the speakers at the Calgary .NET User Group this Thursday. First up is Daryl Rasmussem…

Building ASP.NET/AJAX with Visual Studio 2008 by Daryl Rasmussem

AJAX is now built into ASP.NET with Visual Studio 2008 – and because there’s no separate download to install, the fully integrated nature of AJAX gives you better separation of the code from the design, and the generated Javascript and HTML is cross browser compatible, including support for both FireFox and Opera.

In this presentation, we will use a real world development scenario to explore the following AJAX techniques in Visual Studio 2008:

· Partial Page Rendering and the use of Update Panels

· Using the UpdateProgress control

· Using Control Extenders from the AJAX Toolkit

· Creating a new Extender Control

· Working with web services – from both server and client side code

To C# 3.0… and Beyond by James Kovacs

C# 3.0 introduces lambda expressions, extension methods, automatic properties, and a host of other features. We will look at where C# is today, where it is going tomorrow, and what ideas we can borrow from languages like F# and Ruby to improve our C# code. Plus find out the real reason for the new “var” keyword.

Date/time: Thursday, May 29, 2008 from 5-8pm

Location: Nexen Conference Centre (801 – 7th Avenue SW, Calgary)

Registration: Calgary .NET User Group Events Calendar (N.B. You must be logged in to see the registration link.)