The Edmonton Code Camp was a blast. John Bristowe and I drove up Saturday morning and returned late Saturday night. There were lots of action packed presentations throughout the day, but Jean-Paul Boodhoo stole the show as per usual. His presentation on cool things you can do with generics was excellent and there was not a PowerPoint slide to be seen. It was a nice contrast to my PowerPoint-heavy Tools of the Trade: Must-Have .NET Utilities (PowerPoint 2007 slidedeck), which was on right before. (Maybe I’ll try doing that presentation without the PowerPoint crutch next time.)  Thanks to everyone who came to my talk and especially those who asked questions. To save people from having to download the slidedeck just to get the links, here is the tools that I talked about in raw, unadulterated HTML:

The Holy Trinity

Source Control

Code Analysis Tools – Static

Code Analysis Tools – Dynamic

Build Tools

  • CruiseControl .NET (
    • Continuous integration server Builds via NAnt, MSBuild, DevEnv, or custom
    • Runs unit testing (NUnit), coverage (NCover) and/or code analysis (FxCop) on builds (optional)
    • Reports build and/or test failures via email
    • Dashboard (ASP.NET app) shows current and past build status

Debugging Tools

Coding Tools