Jean-Paul reappears on dnrTV to talk about Model-View-Presenter, which is a cool pattern for abstracting away your UI implementation technology. For example you can re-use the same Model and Presenter code with ASP.NET and WinForms. Additionally the view ends up being really dumb, which means that parsing, validation, and other logic traditionally in your ASPX code-behind or WinFom is now encapsulated in the presenter and can be identical between the two. This episode is well worth the watch.

Jean-Paul Boodhoo on Model-View-Presenter

Also worth watching is Jean-Paul’s earlier double-header on Test-Driven Development (TDD). You want to see how TDD is meant to be done, watch and learn!

Jean-Paul Boodhoo on Test-Driven Development Part 1 of 2

Jean-Paul Boodhoo on Test-Driven Development Part 2 of 2