I am currently involved in organizing the Calgary Code Camp, which will be held
in downtown Calgary on Saturday, May 27, 2006. You are probaby wondering, “What
is a Code Camp?” Simply put, a Code Camp is a developer event by and for the
developer community. You get a full day of developer-focused content created by
fellow developers, not marketing wonks. You’ll see code, code, and more code. We
are planning sessions on the usual suspects – ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and Web
Services. We’ll also have sessions on upcoming technologies such as WinFX, Windows Workflow Foundation (WinWF),
Windows Communication Foundation
, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and the new Microsoft
Command Shell (codename Monad). In addition to technology-focused sessions,
we’ll have sessions on development techniques and tools such as unit testing,
test-driven development (TDD), continuous integration, code coverage, and

You’re wondering how much will all this goodness cost me? Well as Dr. Nick
from the Simpsons would say, “$199.95 and it comes with a free state of Kansas
Jello mould!” Just kidding. This event is COMPLETELY FREE. A
full day of code and fun with cool door prizes for absolutely nothing. We’ll be
posting speakers and sessions on the website as they’re confirmed. Drop by the
Calgary Code Camp Website and
sign-up. See you there!!!

Call for Speakers!

If you would like to speak at the event, please send a brief description of
yourself and your topic to proposals@calgarycodecamp.com.

Call for Sponsors!

If you are interested in sponsoring the Calgary Code Camp, please contact us
at sponsorship@calgarycodecamp.com.