Lutz Roeder just released Reflector 4.2. (For those of you who haven’t heard me blither about Reflector I’ll say it again… Reflector is one of the best .NET utilities available. It gets installed shortly after Visual Studio after I build a dev box.) Lutz lists off the list of fixes as “Web Proxy support, String search, Fonts, Generics fixes.” (No, I’m not paraphrasing. This is the complete change log.) You can get the latest by launching Reflector and then selecting Help… Check for Updates. You can also grab it from here.

WARNING!!! If you use any cool Reflector add-ins*, such as Diff, FileDisassembler, or SQL2005Browser, you’ll have to wait until the respective authors re-compile for Reflector 4.2 because they will fail to load. (Breaking changes were made to Reflector’s object model in Reflector 4.2.) Unfortunately you can’t roll back a Reflector upgrade unless you squirreled the old installer away somewhere (which of course I didn’t because I’ve been upgrading via Help… Check for Updates). Oh well. Some folks, such as Herve Chapalain, author of Reflector.CodeSearch, already have a version of their add-in that is compatible with Reflector 4.2.

* Lutz maintains a list of Reflector add-ins here. Reflector SDK for building add-ins can be found here.

UPDATE: Diff v0.75 was just recompiled to work with Reflector 4.2.