Now that VS 2005 and .NET 2.0 has been released, the torrential flow of tool updates to .NET 2.0 has started. Some of my favourite .NET tools have been updated to .NET 2.0:

I’m anxiously awaiting the next version TestDriven.NET, too. A beta of v2.0 is available for those who want to try it.
An interesting add-in for .NET Reflector is SQL 2005 Assembly Browser by Denis Bauer. It allows you to browse .NET assemblies stored in SQL Server 2005. This is something I’m definitely going to investigate more thoroughly.
In related news, WSE 3.0 just RTMed!!! This is great news because WSE 3.0 will be wire-compatible with Indigo — uhm, I mean Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). This gives us a good migration story to Microsoft’s next generation distributed communication platform.
And somehow I also missed the fact that the coding superhero, Lutz Roeder, has a blog for a number of years, even if it is rather sparse. Subscribed.